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The express entry system is the Canadian government’s way of attracting and processing the Permanent Resident applications of people from within and outside Canada. The express entry system is a straightforward system that provides a level playing field to all applicants and ensures the right candidates eventually get picked up for the process.


A candidate needs to determine if he/she is eligible to enter into the express entry pool. It is an essential step because often candidates end up spending a lot of money and effort only to realize they don’t even meet the necessary eligibility criteria. At this stage, it is also important to know if you or your spouse would be inadmissible. The grounds for inadmissibility are many, and hence it makes sense to meet an expert.

Language Test/Credentialing:
A candidate needs to take the language test and needs to get his/her academic document checked for equivalency. The two accepted tests are IELTS or CELPIP (for candidates in Canada). Candidates are then required to get their academic documents assessed by designated organizations.

Express Entry Profile Creation:
Once you have the necessary documentation in place, it is time to enter the express entry pool. 

Considering PNP:
It is essential to understand why and when you might require a Provincial Nomination. Many candidates with low CRS scores tend to wait for a long time hoping the cut-off would drop. It is important to weigh out the pros and cons(if any) of considering a Provincial Nomination. It is also essential to choose the right province because that would be the province you would be settling in after you the Permanent Residence.

Some provinces offer a nomination with job offer only and then there are others that offer it without a job offer. 

Invitation To Apply:
Receiving an Invitation to Apply is the critical step in the process. Most candidates struggle to reach this stage.

Document collection:
Collecting your documents is the most critical part. The type of materials and their contents often work as the deal breaker if the visa officer finds them ambiguous or feels suspicious about the content.

It helps to have a guide in this process which can evaluate your situation and advise the appropriate road ahead.

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