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Step 1: Non-Obligatory Meeting

The first meeting is free and non-obligatory. In this meeting, you will be meeting Saraswati Madam for 20 minutes to determine your eligibility, chances of getting into a particular university

Step 2: Enroll with us as a student

After the first non-obligatory meeting is done, you can go back to do your research, talk to your friends and family and finally come back and join us. This is a big step in the process because this is the step that sets you up for success as it has 7000+ others in the past 20 years.

Step 3: Recieve a broad list of universities

Once you join us,

  • we explain the transcript and mark sheet attestation process
  • and provide you with a broad list of universities based on your academics, interest, GRE, and TOEFL score.

**If you haven’t taken the GRE and/or TOEFL, we also help you choose the dates

Step 4: Research upon the program, fees, etc.

We believe in empowering you to do the research rather than telling you which Universities to apply to. We advise you what to look for in a University and most times give you contacts of our Alumni who have studied there in the same program.


Step 5: Finalize your list

We help you arrive at the final 8 – 10 Universities to apply to. This final list is based on your research and our insights. We take everything from your interests, academics, financial capabilities, and choice of specialization into consideration.

Step 6: Application Process

We handhold you at every step in this process

  1. We explain which programs require what documentation (for ex: Some programs might require a WES [World Education Services] Report even before the application is made)
  2. We check your forms and attached documents for completeness
  3. We provide inputs on your Statement of Purpose / Essays so that it reflects your real story and your real strengths and sometimes weaknesses (if specifically asked by Universities).

Step 7: Attend Gyan Seminar

Once the application process is completed, we invite you and your parents to attend our annual event (held in the month of January every year)

In this event:

  • We talk about everything including the visa process
  •  We also introduce our student loan and foreign exchange partners.




Step 8: Choose the University, 

Most Gyan students receive 2-3 admits. We then help provide you insights and contacts so that you can choose that final university.

Step 9: Complete financial paperwork and receive the I-20

Once the university is finalized, we advise you on what documentation needs to be completed for the Universities to release the I-20 form. This is the time we talk to the actual sponsor (parent/guardian) understand their finances and then advise accordingly

Step 10: Apply for US Visa

  • We again explain the complete process
  • Once the form is filled out we check for completeness.
  • We help you take the OFC and Visa dates
  • Conduct mock interviews

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