Remembering Uncle


Mr. Sundaram Tarakad, popularly known as ‘Uncle’ passed away on 3rd June 2016. He was the face of the organisation with whom parents and students connected alike apart from being a co-founder. Nobody could miss his winning smile, deep concern, high energy levels and his child-like enthusiasm. Highly disciplined and a man of values, he ensured that these very values are instilled in his children and the organization that he found (Gyanfoundation).[spacer height=”5px”]

Marching ahead with these core values and the great legacy that he has left behind, the entire team salutes this gentleman who will always be remembered in our thoughts and deeds.

May his soul rest in peace.


511 Srishti Plaza, Off Saki Vihar Road, 
Andheri – East, Mumbai – 400076

M: 99-672-09990

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