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take help from The Gyan Foundation, the best education counsellor in Mumbai and study in USA or study in Canada. Education counsellors like us can guide students like you on competitive exams such as GRE and GMAT, GRE admission counselling, scholarships and assistantships, and the visa process. Graduate study in USA is a vast and complicated subject and it will make sense to take help from the best overseas education counsellor in Mumbai.

Study Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. in USA

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Who should enroll?

  • Engineers, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists wanting to do Masters
  • Pure Science students going for an MS or Ph.D.
  • Doctors and Dentists wanting to pursue MPH or MHA
  • 12th Standard students wanting to study Bachelors
  • Professionals with 3-4 years of work experience wanting to pursue an MBA


Education Counsellor

What it takes to Study in USA?

  • Having crystal clear goals
  • Starting early
  • Taking insights from us as well as doing your own research about Universities, Programs, Specializations, Teachers, placements, etc.
  • Spending substantial time writing, editing and re-editing your Statement of Purpose/Essays.

Best Education Counsellor in Mumbai

How can we help you Study in USA?

  • If we feel you are not ready to embark on this journey, we will suggest ways (ex: courses, internships, work experience, etc.) that will help bridge the gap
  • If you are ready, we will hand-hold you through the entire admission and visa process and simplify each process as much as possible.

 Graduate Study in USA

Why we are different

  • Right from the first time you come to visit us, you speak to our Chief Counselor Mrs. Saraswati who is regarded as one of the best counsellor in Mumbai.
  • There is no cap on the number of times you can meet us or the number of questions you can ask
  • We are a small team taking in a limited number of students so that personal attention can be given to each one of them.
  • We have touched over 8000 lives from across the globe.

GRE Admission Counselling

When should you join

You should ideally enroll at least 12 months in ahead of your intended start date. Ex: If you are planning to start your studies (in North America) in Sept 2020 then you should ideally be enrolling with us by Sept 2019.

 Best Education Counsellor in Mumbai



Should I be from Mumbai

Of course not, we have served students from not only cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc. but also countries like the US, UK, Canada, UAE, and Singapore.

Whether you are from Mumbai or any other place the only thing you will only need to do is set up a time every time you want to speak to one of us.

Overseas Education Counsellor in Mumbai

Education Counsellor

Saraswati is considered one of the best counsellor in Mumbai for students aspiring to study in the US or Canada. She started The Gyan Foundation from the living room of her house in October 1999 and in the last 2 decades has nourished and grown it to one of the best overseas education consulting companies in Mumbai.

Best Education counsellor in Mumbai

Despite the growth, she has ensured that professional responsibility, integrity, and uncompromising the standards of discipline have remained within the organization. She recognizes every student’s giftedness and becomes their education counsellor, mentor, guide, and motivator from the time they register till they embark on their journey to Study in USA. Before starting The Gyan Foundation she started teaching in the early 80s and her passion and dedication to the field of education have been exceptional.tion.


Overall I have had a great experience with The Gyan Foundation and would definitely recommend it to any future student who is planning to study in USA.
Shonak - Fall 2019

I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the encouragement and support from the crew at Gyan Foundation and I would like to thank the entire team at The Gyan Foundation, for making this dream of mine, come true.
Nicole - Fall 2019

Thank you all for the immense support. It would not have been possible without you. Would recommend The Gyan Foundation to anyone who wishes to Study in Canada
Kasturi - Fall 2019

I must admit, if it would not have been for The Gyan Foundation and the guidance provided to me by Saraswati ma’am, I would not have been able to realize my dream of studying in the USA.
Arjun - Fall 2019

About The Gyan Foundation

The Gyan Foundation has successfully counseled and placed scores of students to various universities across the United States of America and Canada. With a focus on Personal Counseling and mentoring, our services have been the deciding factor for scores of Indian students in getting admitted to some of the leading universities abroad.

Guiding principles that we are driven by

  • Student’s career and future take precedence over everything else.
  • A student should study where he/she deserves to study.
  • A student should know about the best and the worst possible outcomes before enrolling with us.
  • Be honest, courteous, prompt, and professional.
  • Every student walking into our office is different and so should the services offered be. They should be personalized and tailor-made to fit the needs of the individual.

Education USA Mumbai

Gyan, which means ‘KNOWLEDGE’ in Sanskrit was formed with the aim of empowering student aspirations.  Right in the beginning, we at The Gyan Foundation had decided that we had to be different and that is by ‘Empowering the Students’ and ‘Making them Eligible’ to not only get admitted but also go through the rigors that a foreign education comes with, unlike others who hand-hold the students through the whole process.

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Our role as an Overseas Education Counsellor

If after the first meeting, all parties agree that studying abroad is the best step forward, we handhold them through the complete application process. We help them in

  • Collecting/mailing their documents as per the requirements of the university
  • Narrow down the choices and find programs/Universities that are in sync with their aspirations, academic and financial capabilities. 
  • Suggest changes to the Statement of Purpose
  • Help in form-filling and submission of the application.

Our role in filing for your visa

  • Once the admission is secured we help the student secure his/her I-20 (if the student is going the United States).
  • After securing the I-20, we help the students through the complete visa lifecycle by helping them put the paperwork in place and filling out the requisite forms.
  • In the case of US visas, we also help with the mock interviews while ensuring that the student knows his/her case well and can answer any question posed by the officer.
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