The Gyan Foundation’s Chief Counselor

Saraswati started The Gyanfoundation in the living room of her house in October 1999 and in the last 2 decades has nourished and grown it to one of the largest education consulting companies in Mumbai. Despite the growth, she has ensured that professional responsibility, integrity, and uncompromising standards of discipline have remained within the organization. She recognizes every student’s giftedness and becomes their counsellor, mentor, guide, and motivator from the time they register till they reach their destination USA. Before starting The Gyanfoundation she started teaching in the early 80s and her passion and dedication to the field of education have been exceptional.

Saraswati Iyer

Chief Counselor

The Gyanfoundation’s Team

Bal Tarakad has played an important role right from conceptualization to the formation of the business model during the formation of the Gyan Foundation.

Balmohan Tarakad

Co-Founder and Advisor

Vishwanathan takes care of the daily administration and accounting activities of the organization. Also is involved in student servicing, especially when it comes to financial documentation for admission and visa purposes.

Vishwanathan K (Vishi Sir)


Sridhar Iyer is one of the very few Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants in India and has lived a major part of his life in the United States. He takes care of the Business Development, US Study Visa, and Canadian Admission and Visa portfolio.

Sridhar Iyer


Deepa has been a part of the Gyanfoundation team since early. While the majority of the time is spent on helping students with their application-related activities. She does occasionally take care of sales and marketing.


Deepa D



Sundaram T


Mr. Sundaram Tarakad, popularly known as ‘Uncle’ passed away on 3rd June 2016. He was the face of the organization with whom parents and students connected alike apart from being a co-founder. Nobody could miss his winning smile, deep concern, high energy levels and his child-like enthusiasm. Highly disciplined and a man of values, he ensured that these very values are instilled in his children and the organization that he found (Gyanfoundation).

Marching ahead with these core values and the great legacy that he has left behind, the entire team salutes this gentleman who will always be remembered in our thoughts and deeds.

May his soul rest in peace.

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