Getting into a top university is much easier to dream than reality, I was baffled for a couple of months with the information on “Top Ranked
Institutes in Canada” over the internet. I was already behind my schedule when my Mom’s friend gave me Saraswati Ma’am number. I
remember the first thing she told me was to find a University which suits me and my requirements and not blindly follow the internet rankings. The one quality which amazed me was that she was very straight-forward hence the student knows exactly where they stand.
I would also like to thank Deepa Ma’am for guiding me throughout the process. I troubled her with my never-ending list of questions, but
she always got back with a smile on her face and addressed all my queries, with patience and kindness. She guided me regarding the
selection of the College, admission applications, Finances, Visa Application and what not. After getting acceptances from universities, she helped me in choosing the university by, getting me in touch with current students at those universities so that I could get a clear picture.

I am extremely Grateful to Gyan Foundation for turning my dreams into reality. I strongly recommend Sarawasti ma’am as a professional Guidance Counselor for overseas studies.

Thank you all for the immense support. It would not have been possible without you.

The Gyan Foundation is more like a family than a professional institution. I would like to appreciate Deepa who has helped me fill more than a hundred forms and has had the patience to answer all me queries. She explains everything so calmly and makes sure you have understood the whole procedure before letting you go ahead with it. Also cannot forget the help with tidying up my resume.

A really special thanks to Saraswati ma’am, who helped me along each and every step of this journey of applying for Masters in the USA. She helped me right from structuring my SOP to taking a couple of mock interviews. Ma’am holds a seminar that explains to the parents and students both of what happens after we apply to colleges. She also helped me document my finances. This whole journey has been a really smooth one.

I am pursuing my MS in Computer Engineering at University of Southern California. I wold like to take this opportunity to thank Gyan Foundation whose constant support and guidance played a major role in my journey from applying to the universities to reaching University of Southern California. Gyan Foundation helped me in each and every step, right from the applications, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, finalising my university, sharing contacts of seniors at USC till the approval of my VISA. Saraswati Ma’am has always motivated me to look ahead in life and be positive. The valuable advice which she has given me on life and education is something which I would always keep in my mind. Her mock VISA Interviews were really helpful as they boosted my confidence and prepared me for the VISA interview. I would like to thank Deepa Ma’am for providing her valuable guidance throughout the process whenever I required it. Whenever I approached her with the smallest of difficulties she would sit with me individually and help me out. I would also like to thank Vishi Sir for his guidance in preparing the documents for VISA and Sridhar Sir for his advice during the entire process.

Thank You Gyan Foundation!… This would not have been possible without you.

I am pursuing Masters in Computer Science from New York University. I am grateful to Gyanfoundation for helping me throughout the process patiently over the year from helping me draft statement of purpose, refine resume, getting a visa, etc. I loved the way Gyanfoundation works, especially for the ideals it stands on which resonates with me and any education seeker should possess. I thank the entire team especially Saraswati Maam and Deepa Maam for being a support throughout the process and giving the right direction at every turn.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards all the staff at Gyan Foundation and especially Saraswati Ma’am and Deepa Ma’am. Both of them have held my hand right from the first introductory session until the time I got my visa approved. Its been an amazing journey, I received admits from all well-known universities for my course namely,

Indiana University ( Kelley School Of Business), Carneige Mellon University, Texas A&M University, University of Arizona, University of Washington and University of Maryland College Park. Saraswati ma’am always encouraged me to target the best and I must say it wouldn’t have been possible without her.
Thank you, Gyan Foundation!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Gyan Foundation for helping me with my application process for my Masters in the United States. I got admitted into the Rutgers University of MS in ECE. I was impressed by her right from my first meeting. Saraswati ma’am helped me with preparing everything, right from the list of colleges, Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose, till VISA process. Saraswati ma’am not only guides you in choosing the right university but also establishes a strong relationship with the students and their parents alike. Her guidance at every point of time made me confident of getting an admit and helped me overcome my fear of VISA interview. I would like to thank Deepa ma’am for guiding me throughout the process and for patiently answering all my questions, be it the application process or the VISA. I strongly recommend Sarawasti ma’am as a professional Guidance Counselor for overseas studies.

I had given my GRE and TOEFL and I thought to myself that shortlisting of universities and applying to the same would be an easy task, however that was not the case. I did not know where to start and which universities would be ideal for my profile. All these things got me worried. Then my friend told me about Gyan foundation and after meeting Saraswati ma’am I got a clear picture of what is to be done. Saraswati and Deepa ma’am worked along with me to find universities which would be in sync with my profile. Not only did I get the admits from these universities, but I also managed to secure a scholarship from one of them. After zeroing down on the university of my choice, the visa process was a breeze thanks to Deepa ma’am who guided me and helped me by answering all my silly doubts and queries. I must admit, if it would not have been for Gyan Foundation and the guidance provided to me by Saraswati ma’am, I would not have been able to realize my dream of studying abroad.

Thanks a lot, Gyan Foundation.

I owe the entire credit of being able to effortlessly manage my time between work and admission process to the Gyan Foundation.
Saraswati ma’am has been a hands-on mentor from day one. She helped me chalk out an ideal plan and provided the much-needed guidance about the process, universities and the intimidating visa interview.
Deepa ma’am also collaborated in making the process crystal clear to me. She patiently answered all my queries and made sure I had all the required documents ready well in advance.  Her numerous suggestions throughout this whole process have been invaluable.
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the entire team of the Gyan Foundation for being the guiding force throughout the application process.

Being a MS candidate at NYU for Integrated Marketing, I can vouch for one thing confidently, I wouldn’t change anything I did across my study abroad application. Neither the fact that I chose an intriguing program at a top university nor the decision of moving to The Big Apple to chase my dreams.
I certainly believe the myth that ‘US-Applications-Are-Tough-To-Crack’ is inappropriate, or maybe Gyan foundation made the process feasible and achievable for me is the source to this thought. I was thoroughly helped on a personal level during my interaction with Gyan Foundation and I can’t be any more grateful. The experience was super smooth and eventually fruitful. If there is something that I’d highlight is the ultimate expertise of Saraswati Ma’am in reading personalities. She understands the exact needs and capabilities of students and essentially helps them in achieving what’s right and not just popular which is precisely the optimal way to deal this process.”

Finally, here I am with my US visa in my hand. One of the days that I foresaw the day I entered Gyan Foundation . It is like a dream come true holding my US visa

Saraswati Madam has mentored and guided me through this process and has ensured that each of us got a considerable amount of time.

I also appreciate the knowledge and confidence you have. There were so many tense moments throughout this process but your in-depth knowledge about each of the process helped us sail through without any problems. When I look back, I now realise that today’s (positive visa) outcome is a result of so many small things done right at each stage.

I wish you and the entire Gyanfoundation team the very best

Gyan Foundation is home to all aspirants who want to create a niche for themselves. Saraswati madam is always ready to hear you and give the best possible guidance with the utmost personal involvement. At the same time, nothing is spoon-fed and this eventually helps you in your transformation as an individual. The tie-up with Thomas Cook & HDFC is the icing on the cake. I am grateful to Saraswati madam, Vishi Sir & Deepa for relentlessly lending a helping hand.

I owe the entire smooth transition of moving from my home back in India to the US to Gyan foundation. I was in a very crucial point in my career when I got Saraswati Ma’am number from my uncle in Mumbai. I went to meet her and after my very first meeting with her and Deepa Ma’am, I was convinced that I was in safe hands. It was a very calming and easy process after that. They helped with everything from applications, university selection, banking questions, undergrad papers formalities to everything one can think of. Saraswati Ma’am is full of positive energy and her confidence rubs off on you. Deepa ma’am will be with you all along the way with every small piece of trouble to big problems you have. Vishi sir the calming force who will help you with sending all the paperwork and his knowledge is immaculate. I suggest all of you to just trust them and rest assured you will get where you need to. Cheers 🙂

I would like to thank everyone at Gyanfoundation for all the guidance and support. All of their efforts, right from short-listing colleges to apply to, to the Statement of Purpose and the Letter of Recommendations, helped me secure an admission in Cornell University.

The individual attention that each student gets at Gyanfoundation is what really sets them apart from most of the other counsellors I have come across. Saraswati Ma’am really makes it a point to get to know each student personally and then guides them as per their requirements.

Gyanfoundation also helped me sail smoothly through the entire visa process. The mock visa interviews conducted were extremely detailed and more or less covered every scenario that could occur.

Overall I have had a great experience with Gyanfoundation and would definitely recommend it to any future student.

I remember my parents and I visiting Gyan Foundation in June 2017. Saraswati Ma’am is a person who tells you everything – clear as crystal. She’ll tell you exactly what you’re in for, what you need to do, and the steps you have to take to pursue your goals.

I started my GRE classes with Sridhar Sir. Math was never my strong point, but Sridhar Sir was a patient teacher and he helped me survive those Math and English classes. I finally gave my exam in Jan 2018 and performed reasonably well.

After giving my GRE and TOEFL, I started working closely with Deepa to collect/prepare my documents and start applying to Universities. She ensured everything was complete and I helped me apply well ahead of time.

In January of 2019, I finally got my first admit from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. The Gyanfoundation team ensured that there were no hiccups in the visa process as well. I felt confident while going for the Visa interview and cleared it within the first few minutes.

I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the encouragement and support from the crew at Gyan Foundation and I would like to thank the entire team at Gyan Foundation, for making this dream of mine, come true.

First off, I have to say Kudos to the way you handle each incoming student right from understanding their profile to charting out the way ahead for them. I especially liked the streamlined approach to getting everything in place before the deadlines. Thank you for helping me get my act straight and helping me understand the colleges to which my profile was best suited for and the optimal way to go about applying for them. Saraswati madam’s honest and thorough delineation of my profile’s pros and cons helped me narrow down my college list to the best universities for my field. Thanks to her notes, I was able to hone my college essay into an insightful perspective on my experience in my field. Also a big thank you to Deepa ma’am for having the patience to answer each and every query of mine and helping me immensely in getting everything prepped for each stage of the application process. I owe my admit to Columbia University to the tireless work of everyone associated with Gyan foundation and I hope they can help countless other students achieve the same.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone associated with Gyan Foundation for having helped me with my application process for my Masters in the United States.
After having secured a GRE score, I was in a fix as to whether I should join a counsellor to help me with my application process or deal with it myself. I am glad that I chose the former. The guidance from Gyan Foundation helped me land the Masters in Management of Information Systems admit at Kelley School of Business.
Saraswati madam helped me prepare the list of colleges that I was eligible for and suggested edits in the Statement of Purpose. The guidance provided by madam was really helpful and made me confident of getting through the application process and landing admits.
Right from the onset, Deepa was always there to answer any questions that I had and also prepared a checklist of items that needed to be ready for our application process. She guided me at every stage and always patiently answered all my questions, be it with my application process or visa.
Vishy sir was at all times around to help us and is the financial documents expert. Thanks to the arrangement of my financial documents, my visa interview was a cakewalk and I faced no problem at all.
I cannot thank Gyan Foundation enough for all the support and the guidance that they have
provided. I wish them all the success.

“Gyan foundation has played a major role in my university applications and visa process. Apart from choosing a set of universities, Deepa ma’am kept track of each university that I applied to and reminded me of any work that was due for each of those applications. After getting acceptances from universities, she helped me in choosing the university by giving me pertinent facts, getting me in touch with current students at those universities, and letting myself to decide with no bias whatsoever. The entire visa process was completely effortless because of their help. Since I joined Gyan foundation with my friends, I know that the entire team at Gyan does the same for every MS aspirant under their guidance. They are really passionate about their work and that passion drives them to give personalized attention to each of their students.”

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