Why Bachelors in USA?

  1. Recognized all over the globe
  2. A combination or general education + specialized education
  3. Opportunities to research at a Bachelor’s level
  4. Flexibility: You could take some courses in music, anthropology, religious studies, etc. and still be graduating in Engineering or Business.
  5. Independent: You get an opportunity to take your own decisions and learn from them.

A note from our Chief Counselor

While we know that doing a bachelor’s in the US has many benefits, one must not jump into this just because of their peers. Since the student getting into a Bachelor’s program is generally young, a parent should ensure that their child will be able to manage not only their academics but also their life once they reach the American shores.

This is one reason, we have been only processing the application of only 10 (bachelor’s level) students for the last 3 years and would continue to do so in the future.
I personally ensure the student is ready for this journey by talking to them about their goals, intent, and aspirations so that this remains the best decision of their life.

– Saraswati (Chief Counselor at The Gyan Foundation)



Complete your SAT (ideally in your 10th Grade Summer break)

Reason: This will give you enough time to take SAT multiple times if you are not happy with the score.


  • Complete your TOEFL 
  • Join a counselor


  • Career Counseling
  • Program research


Application process

  • Collection of documents
  • Essays / Statement of Intent
  • Letters of Recommendation


Financial Preparation for procuring the I-20 and visa.


Applying for the Student (F-1) visa.


Want to know which Universities and Programs might be a good fit

Contact us for a free 10-minute consultation. These consultations could be face-to-face or skype meetings but need to booked at least 1 week in advance.

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Call For Inquiry

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Most Popular Majors



Social Sciences




Health profession and related fields

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Some of the Universities where our students are studying

Purdue University

Columbia University

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


University of California - Los Angeles

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Northeastern University

University of Wisconsin - Madison

and many more......

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