Scholarships and Assistantships

by Feb 21, 2018

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Financial Aid for international students is available in forms of Assistantship viz. Graduate Assistantship, Teaching assistantship, Dean’s fellowship, Merit-based assistantship and need-based fellowship.
The assistantships are given to the students who have good academic records, recommendations, good GRE and TOEFL scores and statement of purpose. Most students apply for an assistantship along with the application.
Another way to seek assistantship is by interacting with the professors in the department where she/he wants to apply. If the professors agree to accept the student, she/he gets the remuneration from the professor for the number of hours they work.
Many universities also offer co-operative program wherein after completing the first year of MS the student can formally work and get paid in the industry till next semester (i.e. till six months) depending upon the program and the come back to the university and complete rest of the credits.

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