Student Visa FAQs

by Feb 21, 2018

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What are the documents required to file an F-1 Visa?

  • All academic documents
  • Financial papers of the sponsor to substantiate the claims.
  • All other general documents like
    • Passport,
    • I-20 of the desired school,
    • Other admits and rejects,
    • The score sheets of the standardized tests like GRE/TOEFL / GMAT /SAT etc.

What does a Visa Officer look for?

The visa officer looks at various factors before giving a student visa to an applicant. While each case is looked at individually and the factors vary from applicant to applicant. The most common factors for a student applicant are:

  • The student should be able to speak good English.
  • He/she should have clear goals and must have a good academic track record
  • His/her financials papers should be adequate and be legal and tax paid.
  • The student must be able to convince the officer that he/she has reasons to go and reasons to come back to their home country.  

Can a relative living in the US sponsor my education?

Yes, there is no problem. It works positively if the candidate is bright and deserving.

Can a relative living in India sponsor my education?

Yes. It should be justified why that person is sponsoring

Does going early for a visa help?

Yes, planning ahead always helps. This will leave the student with ample time for ticketing, Foreign Exchange, Medical Examinations, Social Activities, Education Loan sanctions etc.

How soon can I enter the USA?

Thirty days prior to commencement of classes

What are the regulations for taking up employment in the USA?

Every student is eligible to work for 20 hours a week on campus. Many rules regarding on-campus and off-campus employment is University specific and the student should talk the International Services Office of their respective university about the eligibility and regulations before taking up any form of employment.

Does the ranking of a school affect my chances of getting a visa?

Students must definitely go to good schools. Nevertheless, the ranking of the school does not always decide the visa.

What do I do if my student visa is rejected?

Apply again and go through the entire process again. This time, you will be interviewed by another officer.

I have been refused a visa for 2 times, do I stand a chance?

Nothing can be predicted. Everything depends on the way the student puts up his/her case and how qualified and eligible the student is.

How critical is GMAT/ GRE scores for the visa process?

They do play a great role. However; the Visa officers are very fair. They check the other credentials before taking their decision.

How critical is the TOEFL score to get my student visa?

A student is expected to speak, read and write good English. The visa will not be granted if the student fails to convince the officer on this.

I am on an H1-B visa for the last 2 years and now wish to pursue a Part-time MBA at a nearby university, Do I need to take any permissions or need to change my visa?

You need not change the visa status to take up a part-time course. It is always advisable to keep the International Office of the University informed about your status.

I am a green card holder currently residing in India and have received an admit for my MS in Electrical Engineering, what do I do next?

Fly to the university before the term begins and start the studies.

Do the number of applications, admits and reject make a difference during the visa process?

NO, you don’t become a superhero if you have multiple admits.

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