A quick glance at the MIS Coursework

by Feb 16, 2019

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What you get when you do an MS in MIS?

Management Information Systems or MIS is about people, technology, and businesses. MIS is for technology admirers. Whether it is your love for gadgets like iPads and smartphones or it is your love for solving problems you must consider a graduate degree in Information Systems. Flair for technology and interest to use it is all that you need to enhance peoples’ lives around.

There is a general myth that MIS is all about programming but the reality is that there are way too many jobs in MIS that does not have any kind of programming skills. Stores use Information systems to track and monitor the products that they sell and their profitability. A businessman uses MIS to understand his sales cycles and profitability and various other aspects better and common man uses it for almost everything in his day-to-day life.

The MIS Coursework is all about how information is used by every business to enhance operations, sales, working model, and in turn enhance peoples’ lives. The MIS courses offered by good universities will teach you to develop robust systems, database storage, and retrieval, analysis of business and data, security and much more

As a student, you get to learn about various information systems to understand their functionality and use of such technological devices. You have in-depth learning of developing such systems, using such technology for data storage and retrieval, networks, security systems and much more.

Overall MIS focuses on both business processes and technology. For students who want to study about technology and business and keep pace with the newest trends in the world of technology, MIS is the best choice of study.


Now, you also need to look at certain characteristics to take up MIS as your study. Check out these if they describe you:

  • Good at solving problems
  • Ability to work alone and in a group setting.
  • Opinionated about technology
  • Ability to think about innovative ideas
  • Bring together business process and technology
  • Eye-for-detail
  • Ability to look at the bigger perspective
  • Time Management Skills
  • Very good communicators

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