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by Apr 24, 2020

In this article, you will understand more about MS in Computer Science, MS in Computer Science Subjects, How to write an SOP for MS in Computer Science, Eligibility for MS in Computer Science in USA, and Top Universities in USA for MS in Computer Science

MS in Computer Science

Ms in Computer Science in USA is the most sought after degree for aspirants from around the globe and more so for the people from the Indian sub-continent. This article will not only talk about the MS in CS program but also talk about the top universities in USA for MS in CS and also how to build your case and your SOP.

MS in Computer Science from the USA is generally a 2-year course offered by many top and mid-level universities in the United States. Despite this, the demand for these programs is so high that many students are still put on a waiting list and a large number rejected.

Why MS in Computer Science in USA?

Students do a Masters degree for various reasons, but the most common 3 reasons for doing an MS in CS from USA are

  1. Advancement of knowledge: No country like the United States which is the hotbed of innovation. Name a top IT company and it would have its roots in the silicon valley and hence what better place to do your MS in CS than the United States.
  2. Global Recognition: US Universities are recognized globally and this is another great takeaway for students. Regardless of the number of years of post-education work experience in the United States, companies around the globe love hiring graduates from top US Universities.
  3. Increased earning potential: A statistic from a top employment agency quotes an Average Salary of USD $72080 for a person with an advanced degree in Computer Science.
  4. Finally, the opportunity to connect with the very best when you graduate from a good university. These connections are for a lifetime and always come in handy when you are in need of a job or need customers for your start-up (i.e if you ever have one).

Eligibility for MS in Computer Science in USA

Most students looking to pursue an MS in Computer Science in USA need to have a 4 years bachelor’s degree preferably in Computer Science or Information Technology with a passion for coding and to bring things to life.

This needs to be supplemented with

– Good grades at the bachelors level

– Good projects/research

– Reasonably high GRE Score (a lot of emphases is given to your Quant score, and that does not mean they ignore your Verbal Score).

– Well written Letters of Recommendation

– A good Statement of Purpose that really signifies the purpose of doing the MS in Computer Science.

MS in Computer Science Subjects

In an MS in Computer Science program, a student may study a variety of courses. The beauty of studying these programs in the United States is the fact that the course list can vary to a great degree from program-to-program. MS in Computer Science Subjects

We have tried to compile a small list of subjects that a student may study in MS in Computer Science Subjects.

  • artificial intelligence
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • bioinformatics
  • cloud and distributed computing
  • computer-aided geometric design
  • computer design and architecture
  • computer graphics
  • computer networks
  • cyber-physical and embedded systems
  • cybersecurity
  • database management and information retrieval
  • database systems
  • data mining and machine learning
  • distributed computing and operating systems
  • embedded systems
  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
  • health operations and informatics
  • imaging, graphics and visualization
  • information assurance and security
  • intelligent information integration
  • multimedia
  • network algorithms
  • personalized learning and educational games
  • simulation modeling and systems
  • social computing
  • software engineering
  • statistical modeling
  • theory and algorithms
  • Web Technologies



Statement of Purpose (SOP) for MS in Computer Science

At times we meet students who fail to secure a single admit, and a common mistake that we find in most of them is their Statement of Purpose or what is popularly called the SOP. Writing an SOP is a serious business and it calls for a lot of your attention and time.

Following are some pointers that you can use to write your SOP

  1. Just like one-shirt size doesn’t fit every person, do not write one generic SOP for all the application packages. Every program, its goals, what you will take away from it is unique and hence deserves a somewhat separate SOP.
  2. Do not spend a lot of time and space over the things you have done in life if it does not directly connect with what you intend to do with this program An example of something that is irrelevant to the application, A track event that you won in high school. An example of something relevant, a major coding competition you won either at your graduate or high school level or even something where you lead a team of 20 people and that event was a super success. RELEVANCE IS THE KEY.
  3. Speak about your Past
    •  About your academics,
    • the subjects you liked,
    • the project or the research you carried out, the outcome of that research, challenges, and lessons learned.
  4. Next, speak about where you currently are and why you feel the need for an MS in CS at this point.
  5. Finally, talk about
    • Why this specific program
    • What attracts you most about this program
    • Your goals and how you think this program will help you get there.

Ensure that a close friend, a teacher, your mentor, or someone who knows you well reads it. Ensure the SOP really describes who you are. Write it all over again, if it doesn’t sound like you

PLEASE NOTE: Taking your friend’s SOP and making changes to some basic elements and calling your own is called plagiarism and is a serious offense when it comes to the admission process.

How much (in USD) will I pay before I get my first admit?

It is difficult to say because the expenses greatly vary and so do the requirements of each student.

**TOEFL Exam Cost: 180 (per attempt)

**GRE Exam Cost: 205 (per attempt)

** Cost per application: USD 100 (per application) including the application and misc. fees

** We intend to only give an approximate cost. Please visit the respective websites.

Assuming, a student gets his/her dream GRE and TOEFL dream score in the first go and ends up applying to 8 Universities. He/She will end up spending approximately USD 1200 before getting the first admit.

What is an OPT and how is a STEM OPT different from it? Which of them does a student doing an MS in Computer Science qualify for?

Optional Practical Training or OPT (as it is popularly known) is a period after graduating from an Undergraduate or Graduate program where the USCIS allows international students to work and get practical training or experience in their area of education. The period of OPT is generally 12 months in duration.

STEM OPT after MS in Computer Science

Since an Advanced Degree in Computer Science comes under STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), students from Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified and accredited U.S. colleges and universities may apply for a 24-month STEM OPT extension to continue working and getting experience in their area of education.

***If a student completes an MS in Computer Science from a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified and accredited U.S. colleges and universities he/she may be eligible to work up to 36 months in the United States.

***Please note: this information is true on the day this article is written, for the most recent information and changes in law always visit or contact your University’s designated school official.

What after my STEM OPT get over?

This is a difficult question to answer and too far ahead in the future. Following are some events that have happened in the lives of our students either while on OPT or once they have completed it

1. Many of their employers applied for an H1-B while they were picked

2. With three years of solid and specialized experience and an advanced degree, some of them moved to other countries like Canada, Singapore, Dubai, UK and Germany

3. Some of them were moved by their company to India on very high salaries with an option to travel multiple times to the US for meetings and events.

What will be the total tuition fees for completing an MS in Computer Science in US

Depending on the program/university of your choice, the cost can range from USD 15000 – 75000 / year, and generally most MS in Computer Science programs are 2-year programs.

Top Universities in USA for MS in Computer Science (1-10)
Name of the University Program Description City State Website Specializations
Arizona State University MS in Computer Science, M.C.S.:-Master of MS in Computer Science program is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in computing or related areas, seeking to expand their knowledge of the MS in Computer Science field through completion of a project portfolio. This program reflects the dual nature of MS in Computer Science as both a scientific and engineering discipline by allowing emphasis on theory as well as practical applications. Tempe AZ Link to the program website Algorithms.
Artificial intelligence.
Computer-aided geometric design.
Computer graphics.
Computer networks.
Database systems.
Distributed computing and operating systems.
Embedded systems.
California Lutheran University The CLU MSCS program integrates advanced conceptual tools with a strong practical component for a broad range of technologies and skills. In the MSCS program, students receive training in a broad scope of current MS in Computer Science subjects, including database, computer network & security, informatics, embedded systems and computer vision. Thousand Oaks CA   NA
California State University,Fresno The Master of Science degree program in MS in Computer Science is designed to offer the advanced principles, applications, and current topics in MS in Computer Science. Students who obtain the M.S. will be ready to do significant developmental work in the computer industry or in an important application area and will also be well qualified to pursue a Ph.D. Fresno CA NA
California State University, Fullerton The Mechanical Engineering program at CSUF provides a foundation for professional engineering careers in private industry and government. Mechanical engineers possess a firm understanding of science, mathematics and engineering needed to carry out these complex tasks which are so important to a modern technological society. The graduate curriculum is designed to provide a specialized education for career advancement or further work towards a doctoral degree program. Fullerton CA Software Engineering
Database & Web Programming
Computer Networks & Security
Distributed Systems
Machine Intelligence
Computer Graphics & Multimedia
Carnegie Mellon University The Fifth Year Masters Program is a direct Masters program for students receiving a Bachelor of MS in Computer Science degree from Carnegie Mellon. The purpose and goal of the program is to encourage our very brightest undergraduates to become involved with research that broadens their often hectic undergraduate experience. We also want to encourage a select group of students to go on to graduate school by providing them with an additional qualification and period of study beyond the undergraduate degree. Successful completion of the program will result in a Masters Degree. Pittsburg PA NA
Central Michigan University CMU’s master’s program in MS in Computer Science will broaden your knowledge in a field that employs many highly specialized experts to work with today’s powerful technology. You will study alongside more than a dozen faculty experts who have a variety of teaching and research interests, and you will have opportunities to conduct your own research or to work as a graduate assistant in the university’s advanced UNIX, multimedia and other special purpose labs. Mount Pleasant MI Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Software Architecture
Applied Data Engineering
Advanced Software Design and Development
Pattern Recognition and Data Mining
Software Engineering Metrics, Models and Management
Clarkson University The Department of MS in Computer Science offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science in MS in Computer Science and Doctor of Philosophy in MS in Computer Science. These programs are designed to increase the student’s fundamental knowl­edge and to give the student guidance and experience in research. Potsdam NY Computer Algorithms
Operating Systems
Compiler Construction
Software Design and Development
Computer Graphics
Software Design and Analysis
Clemson University The School of Computing at Clemson offers the MS and PhD in MS in Computer Science. Both programs are designed to produce a strong, broad-based core of advanced MS in Computer Science knowledge and to encourage research in areas that reflect the student’s interest. In these programs, students will gain knowledge in each of the three core areas: systems, programming languages and translators, and theory and complexity. Students can choose to focus on computer graphics, computer networks, or software engineering. Clemson SC Computer Science
Human-Centered Computing
Visual Computing
Columbia University Established in 1979, the Department of MS in Computer Science is located within the tree-lined Morningside campus on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Drawing upon Columbia’s tradition of research and teaching excellence, the department of 32 faculty and 600 students works closely together in an open, collegial atmosphere. Our curriculum places equal emphasis on theoretical and experimental MS in Computer Science. Areas of research range across the entire spectrum of MS in Computer Science. Students at all levels are encouraged to participate in our world-class research centers. New York NY Computational Biology
New Computer Security
Computer Security
Foundations of Computer Science
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Network Systems
Software Systems
Vision and Graphics
Top Universities in USA for MS in Computer Science (11-20)
Name of the University Program Description City State Website Specializations
Dartmouth College In the MS in Computer Science department at Dartmouth, graduate students interact closely with world-class researchers in a tight-knit, collegial environment that provides abundant opportunities for both intra- and interdisciplinary research. We actively collaborate with researchers in engineering, business, mathematics, the arts, biology, sociology, and medicine. Our department also boasts small class sizes, award-winning instructors, and a lively departmental spirit. All students have access to state-of-art facilities and opportunities to start research the first year. Hanover NH Algorithms and Complexity
Computational Biology
Computational Geometry and Topology
Computer Graphics
Computer Vision
Sensor Networks
Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
Drexel University Computer Scientists design and build large software systems, invent easy ways to use computing devices, ensure the security of network, and explore the limits of what computers can do. Drexel’s Department of MS in Computer Science (CS) has research and education programs in software engineering, artificial intelligence, cognitive modeling and human computer interaction, computer vision and graphics, high performance computing, networks and security, symbolic computation and MS in Computer Science education. Philadelphia PA NA
Duke University The Department of MS in Computer Science at Duke University excels in research, teaching, and learning in MS in Computer Science, and engages with the broader community at Duke, in Research Triangle Park, and beyond to impact progress in computing and information technology. Durham NC Systems
Computational Complexity
Numerical Analysis
Artificial Intelligence
Elmhurst College At the graduate level, the Department of MS in Computer Science and Information Systems offers a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems which offers instruction in hot technologies such as ASP.NET, SQL Server, web services and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Elmhurst IL Computer Organization and Programming in Assembly
Web Design and Programming
Object-Oriented Design and Programming Using C++
Data Structures and Algorithmic Analysis
Computer Network Systems
JAVA Programming and Web Development
Operating Systems
Concepts of Programming Languages
Software Engineering
Emory University The department offers a M.S. in MS in Computer Science suited to individuals with an undergraduate degree in MS in Computer Science or mathematics with computational experience. Those obtaining the degree may pursue careers in industry or enter a Ph.D. program in MS in Computer Science. Atlanta GA Theory of Computing
Systems Programming
Compiler Theory
Operating Systems
Fairleigh Dickinson University The graduate program in MS in Computer Science prepares students for the direct pursuit of productive careers in industry and for continued graduate study. The program’s orientation is toward educating professionals to become leaders in various areas of MS in Computer Science ranging from software engineering to computer design, and from systems analysis to the management of information systems. Madison NJ Computer Architecture
Software Engineering
Database Systems
Operating Systems
Systems Programming
Florida Institute of Technology Master of Science in MS in Computer Science program offers a student the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in various areas of MS in Computer Science. The program is designed for students with bachelor’s degrees in MS in Computer Science and provides a solid preparation for those who may pursue a doctorate. Master’s students are encouraged to concentrate their studies in research areas of interest to faculty in the department. Melbourne FL Formal Languages and Automata Theory
Analysis of Algorithms
Computer Networks
Compiler Theory and Design
Artificial Intelligence
Fordham University The Computer and Information Sciences Department offers a Masters degree in MS in Computer Science through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). Bronx NY NA
George Mason University Department of MS in Computer Science in George Mason offers BS, MS, and PhD programs in MS in Computer Science; MS programs in Software Engineering, Information Systems, and Information Security and Assurance; and a BS program in Applied MS in Computer Science with various concentrations. The department also offers three concentrations in the PhD Program in Information Technology (in Information Systems, Information Security, and Software Engineering) and several graduate certificates. Fairfax VA Algorithms and Theory of Computation
Computer Vision
Graphics and Image Processing
Software Engineering
Systems and Networking
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Data Mining
Information Systems
Top Universities in USA for MS in Computer Science (21-30)

Name of the University Program Description City State Website Specializations
George Washington University The Department offers BS and BA degrees, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, and graduate certificates. Boasting 18 faculty members and set on a major growth trajectory, the Department has strong research and educational focus in cybersecurity, networks, graphics/media with medical applications, AI, and more. Washington DC NA
Georgia Institute of Technology At Georgia Tech, computing stands alongside engineering, science and the liberal arts as the pillars of a modern academic research institution. Just as it has transformed modern life, computing is transforming modern research, enabling new branches of scientific inquiry, and leading by example in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. Nationally, Georgia Tech has led the way by defining and demonstrating the breadth and impact of computing as a paradigm-changing field. Atlanta GA Computer Architecture
Information Security
Programming Languages and Compilers
Software Engineering
Indiana University – Bloomington The School of Informatics and Computing offers a new kind of computing education—one where students not only learn how technology works, but also what it can accomplish. Our interdisciplinary approach to research, as well as our innovative curriculum, is designed to instill a new generation of students with the knowledge, imagination, and flexibility to tackle complex issues from global warming to national security. We are training a new kind of thinker, one who is ready to solve the problems of the 21st century. Bloomington IN NA
Indiana University – Purdue University at Indianapolis The CSCI Master of Science Degree program, in addition to teaching fundamentals, emphasizes research in network security, databases, bioinformatics, biometrics, and distributed computing. The program is designed to meet the research, educational, and industrial needs of the state of Indiana, the nation, and global community. Faculty in MS in Computer Science conduct cutting edge research while continuing to work with individuals, corporations, and community organizations. Indianapolis IN OPERATING SYSTEMS
Johns Hopkins University MS in Computer Science presents opportunities in the broadest range of professional disciplines. By maintaining a balance between education, research and interdisciplinary collaborations, our department opens this universe of opportunities for our students. Because of our relatively small size, we have opted to focus on a few critical research topics where we can gain worldwide recognition. Baltimore MD NA
Knowledge Systems Institute The MS degree program in Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) provides the students with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to understand, design and use modern computer-based systems. It fosters innovative thinking and encourages new approaches to solving business and technological problems through the use of information technology (IT). Skokie IL Information System Design
Database Management Systems
Theory of Computation
Programming Languages
Advanced Operating Systems
Knowledge Engineering
Software Project Management
La Salle University The M.S. Computer Information Science program provides students with a structured study of applied technical solutions to real-world problems. The program emphasizes the need to understand the program from definition, through implementation and review. The program uses real-world cases that develop problem solving techniques through the software engineering methodologies. Philadelphia PA Network Theory
Project Management
Software Engineering
Software Project Development
Client Interface Development
Introduction to Web Programming
Data Warehouses
Data Mining
Michigan Technological University NA Houghton MI Languages & Compilers
Operating Systems
Computer Architecture
Performance Analysis
Parallel Algorithms
Computer Graphics
Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Midwestern State University The MS in Computer Science Program at MSU prepares students for exciting career opportunities in computing. MS in Computer Science majors complete a curriculum which is based on fundamental concepts in computing. Such a curriculum enables our graduates to obtain financially rewarding positions in today’s job market and easily adapt to the changing requirements of tomorrow’s computing industry. Midwestern State University offers B.S., B.A.,and M.S. degrees in MS in Computer Science. Wichita Falls TX NA
Top Universities in USA for MS in Computer Science (31-40)
Name of the University Program Description City State Website Specializations
Mills College The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary MS in Computer Science (ICS) Program provides students of liberal arts backgrounds with knowledge of MS in Computer Science and how computers interact with other disciplines, gives students perspective on the strengths and limitations of computers, and suggests what advances are needed in MS in Computer Science to solve theoretical problems in a variety of fields. Oakland CA Computer Architecture
Compiler Design and Implementation
Programming Languages
Operating Systems
Data Structures and Algorithms
Theory of Algorithms
Web Programming
Theory of Computation
Computer Networks
Software Engineering
Missouri University of Science & Technology The mission of the MS in Computer Science Department at Missouri University of Science and Technology is to help students reach their full potential by providing them the knowledge and preparation necessary to meet the challenges of designing and developing computing software systems and algorithms. Students receive excellent technical education as well as learning experiences specifically designed to develop the problem solving skills so necessary for success in the computing profession. Rolla MO NA
New Jersey Institute Of Technology The MS in Computer Engineering program provides students with advanced background in both the hardware and software aspects of computers, and how to make the hardware-software design trade-off inherent in computing today. Newark NJ Microprocessor-Based Systems
Computer Architecture and Systems
Computer Networking
VLSI System Design
Intelligent Systems
New York Institute of Technology The Master of Science in MS in Computer Science is designed to service a wide range of professional interests and within this framework takes a broad-based approach to practical computer applications. The program is suited for persons holding a baccalaureate degree in MS in Computer Science, engineering, operations research, mathematics or related fields of interest. Old Westbury NY   Computer Architecture
Probability and Stochastic Processes
Programming Languages
Operating System Security
Software Engineering
Computer Graphics
Computer Networks
Artificial Intelligence I
Database Systems
New York University We are proud of our strong research and educational connections to other departments and schools at NYU, including the departments of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology; the Center for Neural Science; the Stern School of Business; the Tisch School of the Arts; the Wagner School of Public Service; and the NYU School of Medicine. New York NY Algorithms and Theory
Computational Biology
Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and User Interfaces
Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation
Natural Language and Speech Processing
Networks, Operating and Distributed Systems
Scientific Computing
North Carolina State University NA Raleigh NC NA
Northeastern University Our PhD in MS in Computer Science program prepares students to conduct state-of-the-art MS in Computer Science research in preparation for careers in government, industry, and academia. Similarly, our MS in MS in Computer Science program offers students the opportunity to broadly expand their knowledge in the field while focusing on one of our curricular specialties: Artificial intelligence, Database management, Graphics and robotics, Human/computer interaction, Information security, Networks, Programming languages, Software engineering, Systems
MS in Computer Science theory
Boston MA Artificial Intelligence
Computer-Human Interaction
Database Management
Information Security
Programming Languages
Software Engineering
Northern Kentucky University The Department of MS in Computer Science offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in MS in Computer Science & Computer Information Technology along with other certificate and minor programs like Computer Forensics, Information Security, etc. Highland Heights KY Artificial Intelligence
Computer Networks
Software Testing and Maintenance
Software Engineering
Database Management Systems
Operating Systems
Computer Architecture
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Computer Graphics
Computer Security
Ohio State University The CSE Department offers a range of courses covering the entire breadth and depth of CSE topics to meet the needs of both graduate and undergraduate students. Columbus OH NA

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